Minggu, 30 Januari 2011

[Pre] Fieldtrip To The “Bukit Naang”

Horay :) 
Finally, tomorrow I with my classmates –Averruz United, absolutely- and with all students of SMP IT Al-Fityah will attend fieldtrip to the Bukit Naang, which located in Kampar, about two or three hours from my town. But some of my friends thought this fieldtrip will be not too exited. Well, hihi, I know why tey said that, as they didn’t want if  7th and 8th grader join this fieldtrip.

    "That will reduce our fun, ... anyways, not good with others, preferably quiet," Theys said.

Well, I think everything is okay although 7th and 8th grader join. Hihi, if you all, want a quiet place, how about the cemetery. Don’t I? But dear, this fieldtrip should we enjoyed together with all of students, then spend our time to refresh our brain from all of schoollife. So come on! Be happy (:

Oh, yes! Last year, I went to Bukit Naang with my family. And do you know how our journal? Ahh… so boring! Cause I didn’t join its outbond T_T The reason is just because, a lot of people who lined up to follow outbound. But, I took some pictures, and it made me didn’t feel bored. Check it up!

[Well, actually it's still pre-fieldtrip, hehe, so fieldtrip will held this Monday. friend, wait a post about the fieldtrip to the hill naang, yes!]

I hope this fieldrip will be exiting (: Amin

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  1. cikiciwww,, ada ulat bulu nya :D
    btw,, penampakan di bukit naang nya mana??