Selasa, 01 Februari 2011

My Edits

Hello everyone (:
At this time, I’ll show you my edits. Do you trust if with only this picture, we can make 2 cool pictures? Come on, you must trust in me. And for edit picture, I usually use photoscape or photoshop program. But for this time I like to using photoshop CS3, I recommendation it.

[ A Girl With Filled of Pink ]

      Nah. It’s my first editing. From the picture, I only crop my face. Then, change a channel to the effect grayscale. Okay, after that, it’s time to experiment! Make a new layer and change to multiply, then with pink brush draw in only clothes and lip. Make a new layer again, and use another brush –I recommendation, a uniq brush like mine, make sure its black. After that, erase a brush –which close object. And taraaa! We have already making a cool picture (:

[ A Strong Girl ]

    Nah,  It’s my second editing. Same as the picture above, I only crop my face. And then, change to poster mode. Well, after that, make a sentence. If me, I wrote “My way is mine, and your way is yours”, and you may change a blending mode. And how? It’s a easy tutorial, isn’t it?

    Well, I’m a newbie in photoshop. But my edits is not too bad, right?

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